Monday, January 11, 2010

Football is the Best Sport - Sports

There are many games which are played in the different part of the world. But the best along with them is the "football”.’ Football is the most liked and loved sport of the world. “Football" is the richest game in the world. in the 90 minutes match of "football" the audience never feel bore. on the other hand in the game like cricket a match continue for five days and in the end we came to know that the match is drawn. But in the game of”football" we gets a result in 90 minute. The world cup of "football" ball held after every 4 year in which best "football" teams takes part. The last world cup of "football" 2006 was won by Italy against France. It was the last match of the great zidane is a great footballer not only France whole world. The Euro cup is the second largest event of the "football" in which the teams from Europe takes part. The euro of 2008 is going on in these days. The club matches continue all the year. The most famous club of Spain is Rail Madrid and Manchester United is the most famous club of England. The number one team of "football" is Brazil which won the most world cups. The most popular player famous among the youngsters is Christiania Ronaldo. There are many other great players also like Renaldo, Zidane and Nestle Roy. A person of Europe and North America like the "Football."Football' is more than a game for them. They love it. When their team wins the becomes very happy and when loses they became sad. We can say that the "football" is a important part of life for them. The glamour and financial opportunities of the job do not make the work any less difficult and competitive. Becoming a football sports agent, however, takes much more than just a desire to succeed. Every would-be football sports agent should know the pertinent skills and information. Follow these steps to become a successful one.

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